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A beautiful Caldecott Medal-winning picture book, now made into a board book. The simple black, white, and gold pictures are warm and comforting. This rhythmic story with few words follows the light as it travels from the outside and into a home, illuminating the rooms and the story. A fantastic winding-down, getting-ready-for-bed book. The sparse words and simple graphics will appeal to toddlers, who can then "write" their own story. Board book, $7.99.

"I've struck it!" Mark Twain wrote in a 1904 letter to a friend. "And I will give it away -- to you. You will never know how much enjoyment you have lost until you get to dictating your autobiography." Thus, after dozens of false starts and hundreds of pages, Twain embarked on his "Final (and Right) Plan" for telling the story of his life. His innovative notion -- to "talk only about the thing which interests you for the moment" -- meant that his thoughts could range freely. The strict instruction that these texts remain unpublished for 100 years meant that when they came out, he would be "dead, and unaware, and indifferent," and that he was therefore free to speak his "whole frank mind." The year 2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Twain's death. In celebration of this important milestone and in honor of the cherished tradition of publishing Mark Twain's works, UC Press is proud to offer for the first time Mark Twain's uncensored autobiography in its entirety and exactly as he left it. This major literary event brings to readers, admirers, and scholars the first of three essential volumes and presents Mark Twain's authentic and unsuppressed voice, brimming with humor, ideas, and opinions, and speaking clearly from the grave as he intended. Hardcover, list $34.95, on sale for $24.47.

Manual of Critical Care Nursing: Nursing Intervention & Collaborative Management, 5th edition. This essential resource provides quick access to the latest information for more than 75 clinical phenomena seen in critical care and is ideal for use in the clinical setting to plan nursing care. Each disorder includes a brief description of pathophysiology, assessment, diagnostic testing, collaborative management, nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions specific to those diagnoses, and patient teaching and rehabilitation. Its convenient outline format and portable size make it the perfect clinical companion. The book includes the pacemaker code chart from this website. Trade paper, $55.95.

Mortuary cosmetologist Calamine "Callie" Parrish likes to end her days in a relaxing way -- with a Moon Pie, an episode of Six Feet Under, and a few chapters in one of her mystery novels. But right now she's putting in some overtime at the undertaker's. When the body of up-and-coming car dealer Bobby Saxon comes into Middleton's Mortuary with a hypodermic needle hidden in the neck, Callie realizes there's a killer on the loose trying to bury some deadly crimes. With a list of suspects that includes Bobby's dueling ex-wives, rival car dealers, and even her own boss, Callie must unearth the culprit -- or she might be next. Callie's got a knack for making the dead look their best. But no amount of concealer can cover up murder ... Paperback, used, $4.50.

Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food: Recipes from the F Word. Throw out the frozen dinners and takeout menus. Who better to show readers how to cook real food, real fast, and make it really tasty than Gordon Ramsay, three-star chef and TV celebrity? Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food includes over 100 delicious recipes that are super-fast and easy to prepare. Many of the dishes can be prepared and cooked in as little as 15 minutes, and none take longer than half an hour. The menus provided take 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish. There's also advice on essential ingredients to keep in stock for speedy cooking, plus lots of great ideas for shortcuts. Book with DVD, $35.00.

In Idiocracy, a government experiment goes wrong, sending two ordinary citizens to the year 2505 -- where they become the most intelligent people on the planet. Hysterically funny, from Mike Judge, the dude who brought you Beavis and Butt-Head. DVD, $13.94 with free shipping.


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Elizabeth's article on TeX and medicine, which was published in Volume 28, Number 1, the Proceedings issue of , the journal of the TeX Users Group, is . The article is in .pdf format. I presented this paper with accompanying slide show at the conference at Rutgers University on August 1, 2006.

The article contains a great deal of highly technical information on the computer typesetting language TeX and how I used it to produce MeDiCaLeSe 2005. of Stanford University invented TeX to serve the needs of mathematicians.

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MT.Con: The Cockroach Problem In Medical Transcription . page 2 . page 3 . page 4 . page 5 . page 6 . page 7.

The Gift of Creativity

This is an absolutely fascinating account of a line of cells that would proliferate to such a degree that they became immortal. Shaved from a tumor in a poor black woman in the 1950s, cultured without her knowledge, and grown to amazing proportions, HeLa cells would change the face of science and medicine forever. Pivotal in the search for disease obliteration, HeLa would prove invaluable because it simply would not die. Yet, Henrietta Lacks did die, in pain and obscurity, and her family knew nothing of her living cells. Posing some very serious questions ranging from tissue ownership to the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to the mad rush for the elusive cure for cancer to the impossible cost of health insurance, Rebecca Skloot has done an admirable job of research here. Ironically, Henrietta's story, if read in a novel, would seem ridiculously fantastical. Yet she lived -- and her cells still do. Her story is unforgettable. Trade paper, $16.00.

As riveting as a World War II thriller, The Forger's Spell is the true story of Johannes Vermeer and the small-time Dutch painter who dared to impersonate him centuries later. The con man's mark was Hermann Goering, one of the most reviled leaders of Nazi Germany and a fanatic collector of art. It was an almost perfect crime. For seven years a no-account painter named Han van Meegeren managed to pass off his paintings as those of one of the most beloved and admired artists who ever lived. But, as Edward Dolnick reveals, the reason for the forger's success was not his artistic skill. Van Meegeren was a mediocre artist. His true genius lay in psychological manipulation, and he came within inches of fooling both the Nazis and the world. Instead, he landed in an Amsterdam court on trial for his life. Google eBook, only for download within the United States, $9.99. Hardcover and trade paperback also available.

Meg Murry, her little brother Charles Wallace, and their mother are having a midnight snack on a dark and stormy night when an unearthly stranger appears at their door. She claims to have been blown off course, and goes on to tell them that there is such a thing as a "tesseract," which, if you didn't know, is a wrinkle in time. Meg's father had been experimenting with time-travel when he suddenly disappeared. Will Meg, Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin outwit the forces of evil as they search through space for their father? A Wrinkle In Time was one of the 100 most frequently challenged books of 1990 - 2000. Used, paperback, $3.50.
Bawdy, joyous, messy, hysterically funny, and guaranteed to offend regardless of religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or profession, Between the Bridge and the River is the debut novel by Craig Ferguson, host of CBS's "The Late Late Show". Two childhood friends from Scotland and two illegitimate half-brothers from the American South suffer and enjoy all manner of bizarre experiences which, as it turns out, are somehow interconnected and, surprisingly enough, meaningful. An eclectic cast of characters includes Carl Jung, Fatty Arbuckle, Virgil, Marat, Socrates, and Tony Randall. Love, greed, hope, revenge, organized religion, and Hollywood are alternately tickled and throttled. Impossible to summarize and impossible to stop reading, this is a romantic comic odyssey that actually delivers and rewards. Trade paper, $13.95.

In Fringe: The Complete First Season, FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, brilliant scientist Walter Bishop, and his estranged son Peter investigate the world of "fringe science," telepathy, time travel, etc., following a series of unexplained events, which begin to raise suspicions that the large scientific research company Massive Dynamic is experimenting on the general public. The secret history of Walter Bishop and his onetime scientific partner William Bell continues in this exclusive tie-in to the hit Fox show Fringe! Witness their first attempts at pushing the boundaries of science and reality. Boxed set of DVDs, $49.23, free shipping.

Kaplan's MCAT Premier Program 2008, by Rochelle Rothstein, incorporates color illustrations and concise, focused content to help busy premedical students tackle the substantial amounts of information on the MCAT.
  • Full-length practice MCAT with detailed explanations
  • 2 full-length verbal reasoning tests
  • Complete Science Review
  • Effective tips and strategies
  • CD-ROM with practice questions and flashcards
  • 4-color illustrations featuring charts, graphs, and diagrams of the most-tested material
Trade paper with CD, on sale for $60.00.

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